Imagine a government that works.

Our nation’s founders already designed it. But their original concept did not take into account the growth and dominance of political parties — especially not the duopoly that currently exists.

Government at every level would be fair and functional without the partisan labels that divide us. We can solve our biggest problems by Just Governing.

We already know the problem.

If you have to be a Democrat or a Republican to have a vote, to get elected, to get appointed, to chair a committee, to win a leadership position, to participate in a debate, to have influence, to be taken seriously — and if Democrats and Republicans control the process, write the laws, make the rules, adjudicate the disputes, draw the district lines, and oversee the elections — then we truly have a duopoly.

We have turned our government over to two self-interested private organizations that grow stronger and richer as the intensity of their combat increases. They have no incentive to compromise, and in fact their power is diminished if they work together to achieve the common good.

In any other scenario, this collusion would be smashed by the government. But the major parties run the government, and they will not smash themselves. Therefore, for the sake of the republic, action from another direction is necessary.

Let’s create the solution.

We are developing initiatives to provide American citizens with fair and equitable opportunities to participate in their self-governance.

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